Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to get banned on 'Ethika Politika'


Try commenting on Ethika Politika's

Anthony M Barr wonders if Trump is Nietzchean

Hopefully you will have more luck than I did!  This one got removed...:-(,,,,,

AMB>>>>>>>>>>>For if Trump is truly embracing Nietzsche, “winning” will also mean abandoning those deemed as weak or inferior and suppressing the pity which Christianity calls us to have for those who are marginalized.<<<<<<
You bring up 'those deemed as weak or inferior" but don't bring up Trump's attack on abortion. What gives?
Perhaps you are not aware that abortion is modern America's smart bomb for the marginalized e.g........
-Down Syndrome fetus': aborted in 75% of cases
-Black fetus' : aborted at 40% of the live birthrate  ( rate almost 3 x that of whites, despite the former's strong cultural abhorrence to abortion)
I am quite convinced that Kermit Gosnell went unpunished for decades because he was doing the social-darwinist elite's dirty work, i.e. thinning out Philadelphia's black underclass. (PA's Republican Governor Ridge was totally down with that.)
Help me out here! you don't bring up abortion because
a. it doesn't fit your 'Trump the Ubermensch' narrative?
b. you are pro-choice and, like Gov Ridge, have been cheering on the Gosnells of the world?
c. you are a pacifist and believe Christians are never entitled to push back when elites bulldoze Christian culture.....
In the clip below Harrison Ford does a good job of pushing back!!

What am I missing?

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