Monday, September 2, 2013

Pope Francis finalizes the Pope Benedict's deposing of modernist bishop, Bezak, in Slovakia

In 2012 Pope Benedict had deposed Archbishop Robert Bezak for a slew of problems, not the least of which were his disregard for liturgical norms and his subordinate cronies' flagrant disregard for their vows of chastity. Now Francis has put the exclamation point on Benedict's sentence by appointing Bezak's successor, Jan Orosch.  Orosch had been appointed apostolic administrator for the dioceses by Benedict in the wake of Bezak's removal.
[now Father Bezak]


  1. "disregard for liturgical norms and his subordinate cronies' flagrant disregard for their vows of chastity" - I wonder what is the information source here; the official sources confirmed that Bezak was NOT recalled for the reasons listed above and there is a strong belief that he discovered and was prepared to publish the illegal financial operations of his predecessor, Archbishop Sokol, done supposedly in accord with some circles in the Holy See.

  2. Hello MarosD!

    I'm going off Sandro Magister's lengthy article.......But no less grave are the doctrinal and disciplinary failures that the Vatican authorities have detected in Archbishop Bezák.

    After breaking off relations with his own auxiliary bishop and alienating all of the pastoral management directors inherited from Sokol – vicar general, chancellor, judicial vicar, treasurer, dean – Archbishop Bezak is believed to have entrusted "positions of responsibility to unworthy priests, some of them from other dioceses, in that they are living in situations of open immorality and violation of discipline." Read: homosexuality and concubinage.

    Not only that. Bezák is thought to have distinguished himself – still according to the Vatican authorities – "in blatant lack of observance of liturgical norms, in the support given to ideas contrary to Catholic doctrine consistently taught by the sacred magisterium with regard to the indissolubility of marriage, euthanasia, and the sacrament of Holy Orders, showing little respect for the Roman pontiff."

    Not to mention his "public mockery of clergy in clerical dress" and "wearing inappropriate secular clothing even on official occasions like visits to parishes to impart the sacrament of Confirmation."

    Bezák has repeatedly complained that he has not been informed by the Vatican authorities about the real accusations brought against him, and that he has not been able to explain his reasons to the leading authorities of the Roman curia and to the pope. And because of this, he has refused to resign.

    In reality, at the end of the apostolic visitation in January, the visitor Baxant listened to him once again, presenting the accusations gathered and asking him to reply.

    On May 3, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the congregation for bishops, sent him a list of 11 questions concerning doctrine and discipline. To which Bezák responded in writing, in very argumentative terms.......

    Mr. MarosD! If you have a link or story that would show that Father Bezak was a 'conservative' bishop or a 'friend of tradition', or--even better 'promoted kneeling for Communion' then please give it to me!!! I'll retract my statement.

    very respectfully yours,