Saturday, May 19, 2012

More news about Cristiada/"For Greater Glory"

I can't help believing that Cristiada's long awaited release, 01 JUN, is providential.  The reviews from people lucky enough to have already seen it indicate:

It will evoke a loud chorus of "I had no idea!" (many well- meaning American Christians, Catholic and particularly anti-catholic, live under the comfortable lie that Catholicism is prominent in Mexico because it is the "State Relgion".)

(as I have written earlier) This film is going to" knock the snot out of the snotty!"  It  will certainly bring a flood of converts to the Catholic Faith, as serious American Christians view a truthful depiction of the faith and heroism and old-fahioned chilvary of Mexican peasants in the face of an atheistic regime. 
Ignatius press has come out with a handbook for the film, introduced by his Grace, Archbishop Gomez of LA

This review gives credit to Jean Meyer, the historian who brought the war's existence to light and whose landmark work formed the basis for the film.....

Back in the seventies, Professor Meyer was warned by both  gov't and Church officials  that it would be better not to reveal the truth about the conflict, that Mexico couldn't handle the truth!  Already, in Mexico, omplaints have been heard from Mexico's PRI party, (PRI plays a big roll in the film.)  The truth is coming out!

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