Thursday, May 10, 2012

Catholic Answers' Jimmy Akin gives thumbs-up to gum-chewing @ Communion

Today's Catholic Answers' program featured Mr. Akin fielding questions.  A caller complained that his church was,  among other things, telling people to spit out their chewing gum at Mass.  Mr.  Akin -- instead of pointing out that communicants munching the Holy Fragments into their Wrigleys which will eventually end up in a trash bin is a SACRILEGE-- treated the caller as if he,   the caller , were the wronged party!!

  [  I paraphrase Akin ] "  Just bring your legitimate concerns to your priest, if he listens,  good , if he doesn't, then move to a less judgmental parish where you feel more at home."

The podcast is available at their website.  It is the 10 May program, 2nd hour.


  1. Yikes. Save us, O Lord, from Professional Conservative Catholics.

  2. There is a divide, unfortunately, between being loyal to American bishops and being loyal to the pope. "professional" Catholics are reluctant to "bite the hand" closest to themselves. I'm afraid that's why kneeling for Communion has such a hard time on EWTN. Their chapel has no Communion rail. If they install one, then almost all of their congregation would want to use it....but then what would become of the American "norm" of standing?

    All this talk of bowing being sufficient reverence for American culture is a little silly! I just went to a concert and the performers bowed to accept the accolades of the audience. [Long Skirts has pointed this out earlier] Is that not the "norm" for what "taking a bow" means to Americans? Are we to indicate that Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist is clapping for us and so we must take a bow? It would be natural to think that according to our American gestures.

    "taking a bow" and "bowing" are two different concepts? perhaps...yet they are one and the same gesture.

    forgive me for bending this conversation back to kneeling, but that is the name of this blog!