Sunday, April 8, 2012

Haugen's "Mass of Creation" survives new translation

Many traditionalists had hoped that our new liturgical translation would have the happy effect of forcing liturgists make a clean sweep of much of the banal musical settings which have entrenched themselves over the past 40 years or so.  That hope is not being realized.

The most entrenched and most controversial of the 70's generation composers is Marty Haugen.  Jeffrey Tucker of NLM treats Haugen's "Sanctus" here.....

Mr. Haugen's music featured prominently in Corpus Christi Cathedral's very solemn Easter celebrations this year.  Haugen's numbers were mixed in seamlessly with Palestrina and Gregorian chant. 

I really have to wonder how much money Mr. Haugen receives each time we sing his tunes.  It reminds me very much of what the Bill-Gates--haters say about Gates and Microsoft.  i.e. he has ensured that mediocrity is everywhere, and that everyone must pay top-dollar for it.

Mr. Haugen, a protestant and a women's ordination advocate, refuses to join the Church for the latter reason.  At least he is honest.  NTL I pray for the day when Catholics decide not to support liturgists and composers whose sentiments and/or agenda is 180 degrees out of sync with the Church's. 

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