Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stop, don't burn the Koran! Burn Catholic Missals!

His Excellency Michael Mulvey has announced, via his website, the implementation of the new missal translation.

On the Corpus Christi Diocese website,, there is a link to the USCCB's announcement of the new, true-to-the-underlying-Latin-prayer missal's implementation at the close of 2011.

Most everyone in the diocese is unaware that that all the familiar responses they say during Mass are being done away with. Of the hundreds of versions of the missal translated after Vatican II (into hundreds of languages) only one translation has been deemed to be deficient and worthy of
being tossed into the dustbin..... Ours![don't ask why! there is no good answer for the USCCB, other than that the people who translated it were dishonest manipulators! May God have mercy on their souls.]

Hey, Mr. Gainseville burning preacher man! Don't burn the Koran! We'll send you thousands, wait,...MILLIONS of Oregon Catholic Press Missals which we will help you burn with extreme prejudice and animus! Give us time to take off work and we'll come join you!


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