Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is EWTN luke warm on kneeling for Holy Communion?

It has been a while since k.c. has seen a televised Mass from EWTN. Hopefully things have changed...Yes, those of you who have seen them already know what k.c. will say!

Why do so few people @ EWTN kneel for Holy Communion? I understand when people who are ignorant of what the pope is doing, ignore him. They are too busy putting bread on their table, or don't have cable or a computer. But what about pope groupies? (k.c. is one! and so are EWTNees!) If you watch EWTN, then I know you have cable! What about we who follow what the pope is doing and deliberately *choose* ignore his humble invitation to kneel for our dear Lord?

Father Anthony Ruff of with the 'in' crowd blog, Praytell, says he knows why American Catholics, both conservative and liberal refuse to kneel.....it is because we have benefited form two generations of good, post Vatican II liturgical formation !! Really!!!

There are those who would say that EWTN has gone over to the 'dark(usccb) side'. Ever since it passed out of Mother Angelica's control. I don't know what the problem is, but the daily spectacle of stalwarts 'standing' with the American Catholic Church against the Holy Father is a huge disappointment.



  1. If kneeling is good enough for the Holy Father it is good enough for me!

  2. I've seen more people kneel, though I wish they'd broadcast Mass from the shrine