Thursday, June 21, 2018

PRO-CHOICE Journal: Banning Abortion Saves Babies

"Does legalizing abortion cause more abortions?"

OBJECTIVES: This article examines the effect of abortion legalization on fertility rates in the United States. METHODS: Fertility rates were compared over time between states that varied in the timing of abortion legalization. RESULTS: States legalizing abortion experienced a 4% decline in fertility relative to states where the legal status of abortion was unchanged. The relative reductions in births to teens, women more than 35 years of age, non-White women, and unmarried women were considerably larger. If women did not travel between states to obtain an abortion, the estimated impact of abortion legalization on birth rates would be about 11%. CONCLUSIONS: A complete recriminalization of abortion nationwide could result in 440,000 additional births per year. A reversal of the Roe v Wade decision leaving abortion legal in some states would substantially limit this impact because of the extent of travel between states.


  1. Is it not possible that the birth rates appeared to decline because abortions were reported once they were legalized, whereas the illegal abortions that were occurring before Roe v. Wade went unreported? This is alluded to in a paper written as a response to this one, in the same journal:

  2. Thanks, Curly for contributing...
    I looked over your referred article and I think

    1. My original article, referenced above, makes a simple equation which they back up with factual statistics i.e. Legalizing Abortion = fewer babies.
    2. your article recognizes that legalizing abortion in any country will cause an immediate birth rate drop. It does not attempt to explain it away as you do.
    3. Your article simply doubts that it is possible to reverse that drop by recriminalizing