Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why elites hate RUSSIA

(St Petersburg SEP 2016)

Let me give you a hint:  It's about the MAN on the banner.  The Russian Orthodox Church is booming and that nauseates them, the elites.  Russians gave up  Communism for........ this?!!
Our government and media must try to quash this news. Although it might play well with American atheists to know our government is picking a fight with Orthodox Christians, it definitely would not do so well with many on the American Religious Right.  Most of them think Russia is still exporting atheism. How else can our experts  keep  hillbillies stirred up about Russia and keep on beating the War Drum? SHHHHH!!!

Sometimes--however-- the truth seeps out. Earlier this year CNN really did let their guard down....listen the young man at 1:55 of the video.....

its all about abortion, homosexuality, education and museums

The above portrays the culmination of a July 2016(correction 2017!!!!) pilgrimage in Kiev which Ukrainian Nationalists unsuccessfully attempted to block. They viewed it as a Kremlin Provocationhere too.  This year's was even larger! BTW those Ukrainian Nationalists are the same people that our media and REPUBLICAN politicians  are backing against people like those in the photographs.

see some more of Putin's provocateurs  :-)
(Look! it's the guy that hacked Podesta's email!)

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