Monday, December 12, 2016

Questions about Russia and hacking

Watching Chuck Todd go after Reince Priebus ( Reince and Chuck Todd )on Sunday was a little frustrating because one indisputable fact ended up being overlooked i.e.:

Whoever hacked Hillary et. al.'s emails was engaged in truth-telling. period.

Did they spread misinformation? no.

Did they try to steal nuclear codes? no

Did they try to crash the stock market? no

Did they broadcast our state secrets and do grave harm to our national security? no

Did they tell the truth? yes

The foundational, indisputable fact is that truth got out and the American media is livid.
They are especially incensed that this truth might have informed American voters.
What does that say about the American media's relationship to truth?

Was it the 400 lb kid in his parents' basement?  good for him

Was it the Russians? good for them

No, wait a minute!  Shame on them for telling Americans the truth!  Let's declare war on them!

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