Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Man Refused Hand Communion at Pope Francis' Sunday Mass, 14 April

Just watch the first 26 seconds of this video and you will see reverent reception of Holy Communion, as well as an education on Pope Francis' intention with regards to the Liturgy.  Thank you Father MacDonald, of Southern Orders blog for being about the only traditionalist to recognize what is plain to see!  [[i.e. reverent reception of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament has the full backing of the Holy Father!]]

True, if you watch the Mass in its entirety you finally see some priests finally  resorting to the '70's style' Communion-any-old-way but, logically thinking, it is likely that these priests are the ones who are not following what they have been instructed to do by the Holy Father and are instead just yielding to pressure.

If you think about it, it is kind of like a school with a dress-code.  The principal  tells the teachers to enforce it and some do, yet some teachers who want to be cool with the students, don't.  What one never, ever-ever sees is a teacher who makes up his own dress code and then expects the principal to 'back him up'...therefore it is very unlikely that the priest-reminding-the-communicant-to-receive-on-the-tongue at the beginning of this video is just some loose cannon, trying to enforce his own little rule!

I rejoice with Fr. MacDonald that so many progressives, like the Praytellblog folk, say they just love Francis' 'liturgical taste'!  Maybe they will start imitating his example!!(?)


  1. i would like to know why the pope is dipping the Eucharist into the Blood ??? That just does NOT seem right at all !

  2. Dear A Lady!
    That is known as 'intinction'. It is standard practice in eastern rite Catholic liturgy, but sadly, it is rarely seen in the latin rite.