Monday, April 22, 2013

Man Refused (AGAIN) Hand Communion at Pope Francis Papal Mass 22 April

 I keep waiting for one of Pope Francis' balloon-masses..... but instead I keep seeing Masses with lots of Latin and only kneeling people receiving Holy Communion from the Holy Father!  [I thought by now,  having read many traditionalist and (one 'progressive' blogs, that MSGR Marini was supposed to be fired!]

@ 1hour 57min 39 sec you can see once again--as last week-- someone being reminded to receive Holy Communion on the tongue...

To be sure, there are the 'crowd-pleasing-priests' eg @ 1hour 57min 08sec, who distribute Holy Communion any-old-way, but it is clear that there is a standing directive to distribute on the tongue which certain priests take it upon themselves to contravene.   I might add, imo this directive is much more evident than ever it was under Francis' two predecessors.

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