Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey, Mr. Romney! (Oops, I mean President Obama!!)

What Romney (oops I mean President Obama) should say about Afghanistan.... (Replace with "What President Obama should announce re: Afghanistan")

1. In retreating, we are hoping that the Afghanis can accomplish a task, i.e. anihilating the Taliban and Al Aqaeda, all by themselves EVEN THOUGH we-ourselves were unable to accomplish that with the help of the armed forces of the entire civilized world!!! We hope that "hope" works......!!!!

2. The Taliban are a vicious bunch of Islamic fundamentalists who believe that husbands should have the right to cut the noses off their wives and to stone their daughters if they think they are being disobedient.

3.  America is finished turning the other cheek with regards to attacks on American troops.     Given that we have decided to pull out  out of Afghanistan--regardless of the facts on the ground--, any attacks on our troops and facilities need to be met with retaliation.  This is not currently the case.  Our casualties are being viewed by the President and State Dept and Dept of Defense as acceptable losses, bumps-in-the-road, so long as we can remain on station until the President's artificial deadline.    Romney (Ooops, I mean President Obama)  needs to clarify that if he becomes president, ANYONE caught attacking Americans will be treated as a POW and sent either to Gitmo or to one of our raspa factories in Antarctica and remain there until Jihad is declared 'over ' by every little imam in every little mosque in all the world.

K. C. is familiar with one troop who was in Iraq as the last troops left in 2011.  At that time casualties were simply accepted and remote operating bases did not even maintain the capability to transfuse blood.  This meant that if someone suffered massive blood loss, as did happen--especially with our .50 caliber gunners on top of our vehicles--, they died if weather forbade medevac flights to the nearest 'MASH'.  Also the criminals which we captured planting IEDs were usually turned over to the Iraqi authorities---where the understanding was: as long as only Americans troops were the targets, the criminal would never be detained for very long.

Loyalty to our troops must to go both ways.  These men and women are willing to sacrifice their all for America.  I believe St. Thomas Aquinas counted patriotism as a virtue,  if so, then they have checked-that-box..  America needs to be loyal  and virtuous to them.

4.  Trickling out does not work as a retreat. Robust protectionis needed to defend our 'stragglers' from being attacked.....We must present our stragglers as "hard targets".

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