Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Father Z's blog discusses kneeling for Communion, (Again!)

Dear Friends!

Our cause will not go away! It is the pope's cause! It is the pope's cause because it is our Lord's!!

Father Z's blog revisited this topic several days ago, 28 AUG. One comment seems to indicate that 'old hippies' in the USCCB may try to use the occasion of the introduction of our new English Translation to confuse people about 'obedience' and kneeling......

>>>That being said I have found a “Bulletin Insert” on the USCCB website which is linked to the new Missal Translation area.Link: (http://www.nccbuscc.org/romanmissal/resources-bulletins5.shtml)This insert and description uses language that I have never seen before.Granted, I am an attorney, so my reading may be nuanced and over-technical, but it seems as if there is a slight shift in thinking:
“...The new edition of the General Instruction asks the Conference of Bishops in each country to determine the posture to be used for the reception of Communion and the act of reverence to be made by each person as he or she receives Communion. The Conference of Bishops of the United States has determined that in this country Communion will be received standing and that a bow will be the act of reverence made by those receiving. These norms may require some adjustment on the part of those who have been used to other practices, however the significance of unity in posture and gesture as a symbol of our unity as members of the one body of Christ should be the governing factor in our own actions. ..”
The part that concerns me is: the USCCB “...has determined that in this country Communion WILL BE received standing…”
<<<< “The Conference of Bishops of the United States has determined that in this country Communion will be received standing ” (!!)
Hey Defend Us In Battle!

That USCCB insert to which you are referring is old. I have found posts quoting it going back to 2003. The USCCB site webpage doesn’t have a date. Whoever linked it to the new translation is either not paying attention to its contents, or else is deliberately contravening the Holy Father’s own humble example.

The days of bishops’ conferences usurping the authority of individual bishops or that of the Pope and ‘determining’ things. are over.

to those who say kneeling catholics are drawing attention to themselves:

Is it drawing attention to oneself to follow what your conscience tells you is right even when others don’t see it that way? yes.

Were the few who stood by our Lord in His Agony drawing attention to the themselves?

yes. Sometimes “drawing attention to yourself” is not a bad thing.

Instructing the ignorant is almost always a good thing.


Comment by kneeling catholic — 29 August 2010 @ 12:36 am


  1. I read that same excerpt and notice the "WILL BE" wording. As in, there is no other option. I am dreading the day when I am refused Holy Communion because I am kneeling. In our diocese, its bound to happen sooner or later. (Our Bishop fully supports the authority of the USCCB.) And I dont know what I will do when that happens. One of my parish priests thinks my hubby and I need to be "catechized" because we kneel when no one else does. :(

  2. 'Joseph immediately obeys the command of the angel without delay, and gives notice of it to his holy spouse. He then takes the few tools that he can carry, in order to make use of them in his trade, and to be able in Egypt to support his poor family. Mary at the same time puts together a little bundle of clothes for the use of the holy Child; and then she goes into her cell, kneels down first before her Infant Son, kisses his feet, and then with tears of tenderness says to him, O my Son and my God, hardly art Thou born and come into the world to save men, when these men seek Thee to put Thee to death. She then takes him; and the two holy spouses, shedding tears as they go, shut the door, and the same night set out on their journey.'

    St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

    Inspirational Quotes from the Saints

    From one kneeling Catholic to another, best wishes from the Communion of kneeling! :D

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