Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cristeros' Chronicler, Jean Meyer, explains their significance

…(40 seconds into the tape) …it was a huge tragedy in that the Mexican people knew how to respond, and in a specific way they knew how to fix the errors of their authorities, authorities from both sides… their political authorities from the side of the state and their ecclesiastical authorities from the Church’s side…. They [the people] were often seen as nothing more than a pawn on a chess board to be moved around … neither the state nor the Church in their games of opposition and lies, could ever dream that Catholic people were capable of rising up in arms…and the political and military authorities were oppressing the people…thinking that being a Catholic incapacitated you, they thought that Catholicism was only for old people … or for cowardly men…Never did they think the Catholics could rise up in arms. And when they did take up arms, the authorities never thought that the war was going to be so difficult and to last for three years …. [in an earlier episode Meyer recounts the miracle of how the Cristero insurgency could survive for three years without ANY outside help and battle its well supplied, atheist/leftist, government to a standstill . The 'settlement' to the stalemate was negotiated by the Church. The 50,000 Cristeros laid down their arms and went home. Many were then arrested and hung. The Church went on being controlled and persecuted. ]

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