Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kneeling Catholics:1, Bishop Nourrichard: 0

from Fr. Anthony Chadwick on "anglo-catholic" k.c. is in purple>>>>>>
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Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Ventura
I am informed by the Forum Catholique article that Bishop Nourrichard has backed off, after having seen the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Ventura, recently appointed to France by the Pope. This Nuncio was previously in Canada, and this much-loved prelate was known to our Canadian TAC Bishops, as Bishop Peter Wilkinson has told me.

The new priestly team appointed by Bishop Nourrichard will not minister in Thiberville and the 12 other churches of the parish group, and Fr. Michel is to be allowed to continue his ministry.

Bishop Nourrichard spent the day last Thursday in Paris with the Nuncio. The scandal of Thiberville had taken on international dimensions.

Many priests in France in France and elsewhere have refused to be moved from their parishes. What is now happening is that Benedict XVI wants parishes and the stability of their priests to be respected by diocesan bishops.

The tide has turned. Deo gratias! And may this be an encouragement for us all

This is the equivalent of a substitute teacher being manhandled by jr. high students and then being told by his principal that he had it coming!

The Holy Father is reaching out to us. the laity! if he fails in his crusade to restore solemnity, then it is our fault!


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  1. First time I knew about this happening and to be honest I'm shocked. I'm also wary that the Devil is working on both sides of the equation in so much as the Bishop is not upholding the true Doctrine and trying to head down the Anglican route of acceptance for everything and Father Michel is defending the true Doctrine in the middle are the Parishoners who rightly love their Priest and are rightfully defending him the problem is that the seed of hatred against the Bishop tries to form a route in the mind of the person watching. I hope that Our Lord, God, the Holy Mother and the Angels and Saints show this Bishop the way back to the true Doctrine so that he may be in full communion with the true Doctrine again.

    May God Bless you.