Friday, August 21, 2009

Life Teen President visits Kneeling Catholic and even writes back!

[I'm purple and he's black]

"El Presidente" Raus reads his emails and even responds! I'll write him back after I have had a chance to digest the following very nice letter.....[that's my underlining in his text, not his.]


Thanks for taking the time to email us. Life Teen is committed to leading teens closer to Christ. The two primary ways we hope to accomplish this is through Holy Eucharist (primarily Mass and Adoration) and a strong devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary. We are obedient to the Magesterium and the Bishops of the Catholic Church. We are not currently aware of the “Holy Father’s Campaign for Kneeling to Receive Holy Communion”. I looked at your blog but was unable to see a link or article where this campaign had been announced officially from our Holy Father. For instance this was not something that was asked of participants at Papal Masses at World Youth Day in Sydney

[Whoah there Mr. President, I must interrupt here, It was pretty noticeable that all who received from the Holy Father in Sydney-- as everywhere else since last year's Feast of Corpus Christi-- were required to kneel and receive on the tongue. I'll get you a link to some footage. The Pope's reverent distribution was quite a contrast to the other priests on the outskirts of the crowd who were almost tossing Hosts like frisbees.((or was it boomerangs?))

With regards to your request for some sort of pronouncement: A friend tells me that whenever he leaves his sweaty underwear on the bathroom floor, his wife drops it all on his pillow. She doesn't say a word and yet that's communication!
Do you think her saying something is going to add to the message? ditto for the Pope. The message is there for all who will listen. I am trying to remember a saying about 'actions' and 'words'.... how's that go?]

Please help me to understand as it is our understanding that the norm that the Bishops in the US at least have asked is for people to receive either standing and reverently bowing just before receiving or kneeling to receive. We encourage and support either form. If there has been some change to this and standing is no longer allowed, please help us to understand so we can instruct young people how to properly receive Communion. ....

During Eucharistic Adoration Life Teen continues to instruct teens and adults to kneel. These are exciting times for ministry with youth as we also see teens being interested and participating in other traditional forms of prayer like the Rosary, Lectio Divina, The Liturgy of the Hours and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Blessings on your ministry and please advise on the new norms as we are currently not aware of the changes to the GIRM.


RandyRandy RausPresident/CEOLife Teen Leading Teens Closer To Christ

Erica! did you set me up? :-)



  1. Haha. Not at all. I purposely did not give Mr. Raus a heads up so that you would have a completely authentic answer. Glad you contacted him though. He is an awesome man of God.

  2. Local norms don't oughweigh universal norms, the universal norm still is kneeling and on the tongue (ala Communicants who receive from the Holy Father)...Even though the Bishops' Conference has the authority (which it should be revoked) to make standing the norm, they can't outlaw kneeling and on the tongue...(although, I was glad when the priest at Mass I went to the other day gave Communion by Intinction, no hand reception by anyone (though there was a guy who tried to receive in the hand and was denied)

  3. I do not think that Intinction is allowed either...It is my understanding that since the consecrated host and the consecrated wine are both and totally the "body and blood of Christ" that Intinction is sacramentally not allowed. Although, I know that Anglicans often practice this form of communion.