Wednesday, August 26, 2009

K.C.'s new hero, LifeTeen President Randy Raus, says Pope's kneeling Communion emphasizes the True Presence of Christ!

..Raus breaks the 'gag rule' and answers the question which American priests and bishops are afraid to answer! [I'm purple, he's black and I underlined portions of his letter]


In your recent message you asked me the question:

Do you see the Pope's use of kneeler to distribute Holy Communion as something meaningful?
and if so, what do you see as its meaning?

I do see it as meaningful as the Holy Father’s actions are always significant as he is in direct apostolic succession to Saint Peter, appointed by Christ Himself to lead and govern Christ's followers on Earth.

I believe the Holy FatheText Colorr by asking the faithful to kneel at Papal Masses to receive Holy Communion is further emphasizing the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist. If the GIRM or the local Bishops make this the Liturgical norm at parishes, Life Teen will be joyfully obedient. Life Teen is committed to helping young people understand the “real presence” of Christ in the Eucharist.

Randy RausPresident/

CEOLife Teen Leading Teens Closer To <<<
Hear that? We sheep just need shepherding!
Maybe an 'edict' is not needed, but just for priests and bishops to mention the Holy Father's humble example!


  1. I can't see local bishops (sadly) making kneeling a liturgical norm anytime soon. But we remain hopeful for the Church in the United States and indeed for the Church Universal.

  2. I can see one bishop doing it. He's the bishop of Rome, though, not very local.

  3. I was blessed to attend a mass recently that I believe sets a very accessible standard. There were 2 kneelers, one for each line, and 4 extraordinary ministers distributing the Eucharist. As we moved through the line, we could kneel or step to the side and receive in the more "common" way. No norm was established or overturned; there was simply an opportunity provided. It was beautifully executed.