Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kneeling Catholics! want to be underwhelmed?!

I know I'll get into trouble with 'Erica' for being judgemental.....but I got to say it----

just saw the tail end of Archbishop Aymond's installation on EWTN. you guessed it --Holy Communion! Standing Catholics 1,378; Kneelin Catholics -- zero. no patens, nothing!

Is that James Carville bringing up the gifts??

Cut myself when I jumped thru the widescreen to start slapping people!! HD looks so lifelike!

Darn! I think I might have to go the the ER!!

I hope Matt Maher and the LifeTeen gang can beat theNew Orleans Archdiocese this weekend. Shouldn't be hard, but Erica has my hopes high!

K. C. has lifeteeners might spot me! just look for the --ahhh---- person with the stitched up chompa!

K. C.

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