Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Travel to notorious countries raised child porn suspicions about bishop Raymond Lahey: Documents

....A former Nova Scotia bishop now facing child pornography charges initially was flagged by customs authorities when he landed at the Ottawa airport because his passport revealed extensive travel to countries notorious as sources of the illicit material, a court document alleges..... read the rest here, it has a very moving video testimony from a victim of priestly sexual abuse.....

the accused Bishop Raymond Lahey on the "seamless garment"of life>>>>

...The inconsistency of approaches to life issues is remarkable. Some vehemently oppose capital punishment but readily accept euthanasia. Others would oppose abortion and then support wars in which children are killed in large numbers. Most frightening are the few who would justify killing those who perform abortions in the name of the right to life. Catholic teaching on life, however, is a “seamless garment,” pro-life from its beginning to its end.

It would defend the tiniest individuated human person from the moment of his or her conception, and uphold the right of that same person to die naturally with peace and dignity. What gives Catholic teaching consistency is the principle that life is God-given: that God is the source of all life, and that human life in particular is the gift of God’s own image and likeness, a gift no other human being has the right to destroy. This is not “church law”, but God’s teaching in the Scriptures....


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