Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ohio priest eradicates kneeling in his parish

“Finally, it has come to my attention to offer a gentle reminder that the common posture here at St. Susanna after receiving Holy Communion is STANDING. Of course if you have difficulty standing that long, use some common sense and be seated. Otherwise, please remain standing, singing and watching the Body of Christ become the Body of Christ.” Fr. Bob Farrell

Maybe this is not aimed at those who kneel during Communion.....

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  1. Fr. Farrell attended very liberal liturgy classes and believes in the improper translation of the document concerning common posture. Cardinal George's letter to the Roman authorities and its response, put this nonsense to rest. By no means is the document saying that all should stand while Communion is being received. The vtrouble with these "liturgists" who believe in constant ongoing reform is that they are lost in the near past. Recently, the Archbishop of Louisville also prescribed this insensitive abuse upon his entire archdiocese. thankfully, fewer bisopns are listening to their "liturgists" who I accuse of having no respect for the Catholic identity of the faithful.