Thursday, October 8, 2009

thanks to Jean Baptiste

for clue-ing me in on the Scott Hahn page. For anyone who is still interested in this topic, Dr. Hahn's essay on the "bridal-maternal understanding of the Holy
Spirit" is located at

Jean Baptiste,

I apologize for the rough treatment. You are obviously a very loyal friend, and that in itself is commendable.

My biggest problem is my own conviction/obsession with 'lex orandi-lex credendi'. Dr. Hahn emphasizes that if his side were to win the day-- and the Church would define the Holy Spirit as the sole maternal member of the Holy Trinity-- then we could still never refer to the Holy Spirit as Mother, or ever pray that way.

If it were to be essentially true, then why not? 'lex orandi-lex credendi'. Moreover if it has been true for so long, then why is it not already reflected in some of the prayers of the Catholic Church? We have had 2000 years of development! And why is this 'truth' not even currently reflected in the prayers of Dr. Hahn's hero, the Syriac Church, wh0 Hahn says abandoned such references 1500 years ago?

I also cannot accept that Mary is solely identified with the Holy Spirit. In her role as Co-redemptrix it seems to me she is very closely identified and united with our Lord.


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