Friday, October 23, 2009

Te Deum Laudamus

My apologies for not finding an English or Spanish translation of this German video...

Bishop Werth tells the story of how, in 1931, his family, from a colony of German Catholic Farmers on the Volga river, was deported by Stalin into Kazakhstan. It was Fall and there was no shelter. Of the original 30,000 people, only 12,000 survive the first winter there.....

...4 minues 20 seconds into the video..

."There is a story, you can believe it or not, that 'There, under the open Heavens, in the empty steppe, an old man stood up and addressed everyone...Brothers, do we only praise God in the good times? We must not forsake Him in evil times! and He began to sing 'Te Deum Laudamus..' we know the hymn as 'Holy God we praise Thy name'...."

A beautiful story about a beautiful Faith. It is sad that now-a-days so few even know what the Te Deum is! We have allowed liturgists to push out the old and valuable hymns with the 'modern'. lex orandi lex credendi


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