Thursday, August 15, 2013

Two [ or more] Questions Regarding Fr. Barron's Mass-As-Sacrifice-Video

This video comes highly heralded.  Putatively because Father, normally a staunch advocate of Vatican II reforms,  seems to lament the loss of the Sacrificial understanding of the post-Vatican II Church.  Sadly he does not elaborate too far..

There are laudable items in this video....however I must question a couple of points

1) why are all the communicants illutstrated in the last minute of Father's video hand communicants?
    After Father emphasizes the awesomeness and terribleness of the Mass, he then culminates it with people who do not even make any sign of reverence and then grab the Hosts?!!!  This is the cognitive dissonance which Father forces on us:  That the Eucharist is  God Himself, but it's good to treat It in a casual way. in other words, it's good to confuse young children who then think it is a snack time because that is what it looks like. You cannot start too early with double-think!!

2) Father uses the Biblical phrase about Our Lord taking all the sins of the world upon himself on the Cross.  I may be all alone on this, but I think this phrase cries out for qualification!  Many Protestants, and perhaps Prof. Balthazar as well, believe that Christ actually became a guilty sinner on the Cross, therefore God was just in punishing Him. At that point Christ 'actually deserved it'.???!!!!  This is what many believe!  Sort of like- sin is a substance that can be  poured out of a bucket onto you and there you are! Even if you are the Most Holy, you are sinner! I see such a belief is a huge departure from the standard, traditional Catholic teaching on the Atonement . i.e that.Christ is the EVER- Pure, Holy, Stainless Victim  whose voluntary Sacrifice satisfies/propitiates and assuages God the Father's righteous anger towards any sinner to whom It's Infinite benefits are applied.

This particular topic has really gotten under my skin and
I must go on!!: Did the Israelites pick an unblemished lamb and then dump pollutions on it before they sacrificed it?
At least that's how I have understood it.  Maybe I am wrong?

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  1. It is always wishy-washy priests like this who get the accolades, the air time, the pots of money to produce big PBS specials (which leave no impression afterwards), the notoriety.

    Mediocrity, it seems, always rises to the top.