Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kneeling Catholic Calls on Pope Francis to BAN WYD/JMJ !!!!!


Such things!

This is 1000 times worse than the Bishops' Village People routine!!

Holy Father!!!

Such things are offensive and scandalous! 

They do not hurt our'' pride', nor our 'exclusivity', nor our 'Pelagianism'! 

They hurt our heartfelt desire to see people treat Our Lord with respect!!!  With Adoration!!

Is this too much to ask?

your loyal servant,



  1. Jesus humbles Himself to limitless measures to be one with a single soul in Holy Eucharist. He considers it a small price to pay to be in the true tabernacle of our hearts.

  2. Dear Maria!

    Yes, Our Lord even allowed Himself to be crucified, which was a horrible indignity so that He could be with us in the Holy Eucharist. My concern here is not to learn the ultimate indignity unto which He is willing to allow Himself to be subjected, so that we can 'go there'. My concern is what duty the Church has to teach us how to adore Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament more and more!

    I don't see how souls can be edified or saved when they push and shove past one another to grab the Sacred Species as if It were a piece of Mardi Gras candy. This is simply a temptation for countless souls to carry Him away as a souvenir--a sin that no priest, bishop or cardinal has the authority to forgive!!

    Don't you think a spiritual Communion is superior to an irreverent Communion?