Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tidal Wave of Confusion Follows Pope Francis' 'GAY' Remarks on the Plane

I recently spoke with a devout  and knowledgeable Baptist lady who is convinced the Pope has changed the Church's doctrine with regards to sodomy. btw,  the Baptist lady is not the only one who is convinced of this.  Saltillo's Bishop Vera says the same thing.  i.e. that Pope Francis is pro-gay rights and all that entails.  And that he is boldly going against 2,000 years of Catholic teaching

These anecdotes are indicative of an ocean of confusion among many who have tried to understand the Holy Father's remarks.  Sadly it reminds me of video clip below....Skip to 6:25 to see what I mean....Faithful Catholics who want to be loyal to Francis,  (Especially us Pelagians who pray rosaries for him!!!) are being put into Rex's position from the video. We are hoping, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the Pope is not contradicting what the Church has always taught
:-(  :-(  :-(


Different people are understanding divergent messages from the Pope's answer.  Remember the iconic scene in 'Stripes' where the recruiter asks Bill Murry and Harold Remis if they are homosexuals....ok, what IS the right understanding?    Help me out here!!!

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