Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pope Francis re-appoints SSPX SYMPATHIZER POZZO to Papal Commission Ecclesia Dei

Can you estimate how long it will take for the Lefebvrists to return to the Catholic Church?
“We have no fixed date in mind. We are praying, working, and acting so that the re-integration of the SSPX into full ecclesial communion does not take too long.” (DEC 2010)


  1. The SSPX never left the Catholic Church. After all, 50 years ago, every Roman Catholic around the world believed and prayed just as the SSPX does today.

  2. Thanks for the comment, PreVat2.

    here is the interview MSGR Pozzo did in 2011, where he voices his hope for a rapid reconciliation between SSPX and the Church. He says there are no insurmountable obstacles and acknowledges that prejudice against the Extraordinary Form stems from poor liturgical formation.