Sunday, August 28, 2011

Corpus Christi Diocese Schools teach Communion in the Hand

(His Excellency Bishop Mulvey distributing Holy Communion)

Want to know the best predicter of whether or not a child in the Corpus Christi Diocese will take Communion in the hand -any old way- ....or receive it, reverently, on the tongue?

The answer is: whether or not you send them to a Catholic school in the City of Corpus Christi. From observing the 'Catholic schools Mass', (see photos) there seems to be only one school in the Diocese, St. Anthony's in Robstown, which instills simple, reverent reception. (see the pictures on the website-- of the two girls in plain white blouses. Note their hands folded in prayer and their worshipful demeanor!)

Additionally, if you travel the diocese to small towns which have no Catholic schools, you will certainly see much less hand Communion. From this, it is logical to conclude that it is the Catholic schools themselves that promote hand Communion.

This fits in with a theme I see as a simple fact: the "spirit of Vatican II" reforms have been imposed on the little people, by the "people that run things". Therefore, the farther you go from "power centers", like out to little towns or to Latvia!, the more you will see traditional Catholic customs. People that run things like to be around power centers, [like fire ants like to be around dirty laundry!] Generally they have little interest in rural areas.

This is not to say that 'hand Communion' is part of the diocese's official curriculum, but only that the atmosphere of the schools, the examples set by teachers, principals, religion teachers--actively counteracts the 'reverency initiatives' ofthe Holy Father himself!

The last photo is from the 2010 graduation Mass for Corpus Christi's John Paul II High School.

Kneeling Catholic had hoped that this photo was a glimpse of things to come. A simple imitation of the Holy Father's example. Now it just seems to have been only a brief respite from our Diocese's downward spiral, i.e. its turning a deaf ear to our Holy Father's cri du coer*.

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