Friday, August 12, 2011

Bishop Athanasius Schneider Stays on Message

Friends! On the 19th of last month his Excellency, Athanasius Schneider spoke on Radio Maria SudTirol, [Region on the Swiss/Italian border].

His topic--as it often is- was Hand Communion. An article from is copied below. In it Bishop Schneider says:

1) the post Vatican II 'historians'--who claimed they were re-instituting an earlier form of Communion by introducing Hand Communion-- were wrong.

2) the current practice of Hand Communion is a crass imitation of the Hand Communion invented by Calvinist Congregations of the 16th CTY who saw it as a way to destroy Faith in the Real Presence. Not even Martin Luther would have allowed such a casual reception.

This man, Schneider, has the Holy Father's ear! And the Holy Spirit has Bishop Schneider's ear! Please listen to his message. If you believe the Holy Eucharist is the Center of our Faith, then reverence and adoration for It are paramount! We cannot progress, we cannot build, we cannot win, if we do not hear this simple message!

[[thanks to Eponymous Flower for this tip-off]]

.....use Google Translate!!

Das hätte es nicht einmal bei Luther gegeben
Im letzten Jahrhundert ertrotzten altliberale Bischöfe die Handkommunion. Sie benützten dazu eine Geschichtslüge.

Weihbischof Athanasius Schneider© Marko Tervaportti, Wikipedia, CC
( Die heutige Handkommunion hat keine urkirchlichen Wurzeln.Das betonte Weihbischof Athanasius Schneider (50) von Astana in Kasachstan am 19. Juli vor dem Radiosender ‘Radio Maria Südtirol’.Mons. Schneider ist promovierter Patristiker.Die Handkommunion wurde nach dem Zweiten Vatikanum „ganz neu“ erfunden – stellt der Weihbischof fest.Die Handkommunion hat mit der frühen Kirche nichts zu tun

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