Saturday, June 13, 2009

Papal Nuncio sees Miguel Diaz as 'Excellent'!

There is a direct connection between Catholics who support a lukewarm, glad-handing Communion “meal”, and Catholics who are lukewarm about protecting the lives of human fetus’.

When K. C. posted the picture of a minister giving Holy Communion to Senator John Kerry, who by the way was not kneeling and was grabbing the Host [KC retracts what was originally written here and apologizes to his Excellency Archbishop Sambi !]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The minister’s gaze is not on the Lord, instead he does a ‘no-look’ pass XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXGiving him the benefit of a doubt, the thought did occur that maybe the minister was just using Communion as a nice time to make new friends. At the time K. C. did not suspect that the minister might actually know who and what Kerry is.
K. C. was wrong!

This minister was none other than the Pope’s own representative to the U. S., Archbishop Pietro Sambi! Sambi knew exactly what he was doing. Namely using his tender gaze and casual manner of distributing Holy Communion to strike a deadly blow to two important papal initiatives:
1. Kneeling Communion on the tongue
2.Granting fetus’ legal protection
I say this with a heavy heart…but in light of the above it is not surprising that the Archbishop, tragically and sinisterly, has again continued his own campaign to confuse and dispirit pro-life Catholics. I of course am referring to Sambi’s gushing over President Obama’s Vatican ambassor nomination of Miguel Diaz, a Catholic who ‘skirts’ [the word used by a pro-Obama press article]] the Church’s sanctity of life teachings.
Skirts hell! The carte blanche Diaz gave candidate Obama on abortion combines with his unconditional support for pro-partial-birth-abortion Sebelius to exemplify the ‘pro-choice’ position. Mr Diaz has had plenty of time to reassure pro-life Catholics as to what his own position is (in case it is not what it appears to be) ….and?

Maybe, for Mr. Diaz, protecting the unborn comes in somewhere after protecting polar bears or printing money to pay failed bankers their bonuses or using it to buy out out failed automakers. Diaz has had more than enough time to delineate where he places protecting the unborn…..

The time-tested process of elimination leads us to believe: Mr. Diaz is simply a pro-choice Catholic XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Mr. Diaz and all the other pro-choice Catholics, Kerry, Sibelius, Pelosi…. have at least one friend in a very high place.

Pray for our Holy Father who is being betrayed by his inner circle!! And remember that if you want to be really pro-life, then kneel down for the Lord of Life!

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  1. Hello KC, have you watched Dom Athanasius Schenider interview on the motivations he had to write his book Dominus Est? Just plain Catholic teaching!

    My spanish translation here:

    The interview was also spoken in english: ( ), and other languages.