Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kneeling for Communion and abortion

Since I introduced this topic as a 'quiz', and promised to show how these topics are's K. C.'s best attempt.....

The phenomenon of murdering abortionists began under the Clinton reign, the first one occurring in 1993 and followed by quite a number which then ceased altogether under Bush, and now has reappeared under Obama. Bush's perfect record protecting the lives of abortionists is astounding! Why is that? K. C. would guess that this is no coincidence, but rather this re-emergence of anti-abortion violence is an expression of – desperation.

...The anti-abortion movement, realistically or not-so realistically, has had hope under Republican administrations of granting human fetuses some form of legal protection. [[put crassly, giving fetuses the same protections we grant dove or quail or other hunted game would be to grant them infinitely more legal protection than they now have!!]]

...However with the advent of a Democrat to the White House, and with it the Democratic party's determination to
--- deny all human fetus’ every form of legal protection;
--to legalize and fund the cloning of human embryos for spare parts;
--to promote abortion internationally; [not to mention our President's own personal crusade to deny medical treatment to live-born aborted infants];

..this hope is vanishing and hope's deadly opposite, desperation is setting in. We condemn vigilante-ism, but there are always 'John Brown' nut-jobs who do not consider themselves bound to any organization's authority. These people were held in check by Mr. Bush's approach. Mr. Obama, as did Bill Clinton before him, seems bent upon inciting them.

...To those of you who just don't see what the big deal is about and don't understand why religious people, believing there is such a thing as a human soul and that it is infinitely valuable, just can't accept abortion, euthanasia, etc. ; To those of you who think the pro-life movement is all 'chauvinistic posturing by the Christian right,' I must ask.... How many of the World’s other major faiths harmonize with U. S. abortion law?
Unless you count the hedonism of Hollywood, Hefner, and Hustler [and hell] to be a major faith, Zero.

...Let's pretend that Doug Kmiec were to win over the USCCB and 100% of American Catholics were to drop out of the abortion struggle, the U. S. Supreme Court’s fiat on abortion would still continue to incense millions of religious Greek Orthodox, Mormons, protestants, orthodox Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and (gulp) Muslims. Where's all the sensitivity to diversity in such an approach? gone. That's why it is apparent that the pro-choice goal with regards to abortion does not seem to be 'toleration' -- rather it is incitement, then repression, then transformation. not just for Catholicism, but for all faiths who hold to old fashioned morality ....that is to say: all faiths.

...Here is where K. C. sees a commonality between Mr. Obama and many of the Catholics who support him. Both he and they profess tolerance for the opposition, but end up practicing annihilation. Kneeling for Holy Communion did not die a quiet death. It was eradicated. Communion rails were ripped out and bishops passed 'guidelines' which pre-empted kneeling. In the same way Mr. Obama's proposed brand of pro-choice, pro-cloning, pro-homosexuality Catholicism initially presents itself as a more tolerant brand of the old Faith, but in the end this approach demands that Catholicism abandon fundamental tenets regarding natural law and even the existence of the human soul.

K. C. has said this before, but it bears repeating. If you want to be really pro-life, then kneel down for the Lord of Life!

K. C.

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