Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who is this kneeling Catholic?

Guess right and maybe you'll get a prize!
[Too late! It's St. Steven as painted by Rembrandt]

Also, tell me who referred to this kneeling Catholic in his essay 'the theology of kneeling'!
[Pope Benedict XVI]

[Continuation]A friend has just reminded me that when you kneel that you are in good company!

Part of this good company is the Holy Father himself. Pope Benedict's essay, The Theology of Kneeling is a rigorous, linguistic, scholarly study of kneeling's significance in the Scriptures . Among the many illustrations the erstwhile Cardinal Ratzinger pointed to was that of the first Catholic martyr, St. Steven.

According to Benedict XVI, Steven's kneeling is significant because it is an imitation of our Lord kneeling in the Garden of Gethsemane. Doesn't it remind you of Father Pro? (see the last photo on the right)

Therefore, kneeling not only means fervent love, fervent gratitude, fervent penance, total worship --- it also means fervent intercession that Father Pro and St. Steven made for others and especially that Jesus made for us as He sweat drops of Blood.

K. C.

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