Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never say never!

"Hidden One", who used to be my hero, has just informed me that my earlier claim, that banning Communion on the tongue has "never been done before", is wrong! It has been done before! Some "public-heath-minded" Canadian bishop or bishops did it way back in 2003 in response to the SARS scare.

I didn't know that. I was like totally ignorant of that fact...!! [How dare you embarrass me like that, Hidden One!!]

In retrospect I would say it was poetic timing, if not a direct response to the Canadians, that the Church, CDWDS followed up with "Redemptionis Sacramentum" in 2004, which specfically forbids any more bishops or 'papitas'[miniature popes/potato chips] from repeating this outrage. ...'forbids', yet does not we now see.

[later entry, 20:47 wednesday: speaking of potato chips, I am reminded of the famous "mr. potato head Mass!" watching this also helps me to remember to never say that something has never happened in a Catholic church. ]

K. C.

On another note the "Catholic answers forum" has been conducting a lively debate

....>>>>Chiltepin post 116 “I'm sorry for declaring my heartache…”Post 19 “... I ...had a deacon very rudely shake his head and bark at me "No, in your hand!" I was horrified, panicked and complied. Then went back to the pew and cried. I wish I had just turned around but I was so startled.”<<<<<

>>>Weepixie71 post 66 “…we are going to drive to springfield il diocese to go to mass because they are allowing you to receive communion on the tongue there.”<<<<

Your Excellencies!! people are being made to transgress against their consciences and are being disturbed and lectured and confused. Is this what you wanted??

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  1. I'm a Canuck, I know these things... actually, I was discussing swine flu and the reception of Communion with a fellow trad Canuck who had grown up Catholic when I myself was dispelled of the notion. (Having not been Catholic at the time of SARS, I claim this as my excuse.)

    You will be happy to know that the new Archbishop of Toronto, Abp. Thomas Collins, is of the quality that is unlikely to ever put in place a Corpus Christi-esque ban, though he may make like another good Canadian archbishop, Abp. Prendergast, of Ottawa, and simply encourage the reception of Communion in the hand.

    And yes, I'll have you know, these two archbishops are some of Canada's finest episcopal personages.

    (I shall henceforth refrain from further comment on the state of Catholicism in Canada unless necessary.)