Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Raymond Arroyo was delighted!

......when he announced that the Pope had instituted Communion on the tongue, kneeling. When Mr. Arroyo [EWTN 's chief newscaster]giddily announced this almost a year ago [see link at end of post], the idea that the Pope would adopt this practice as permanent might have appeared to be only 'whistling in the dark' on the part of Arroyo and traditionalists. But look at where we now stand!

Of the over 10,000 people who have received Communion from the Holy Father over the past year, there was only one "incident" where an African man, who appeared to be somewhat mentally handicapped, took Communion in the hand. Everyone else has 'surrendered' [isn't that also an important Christian meaning for kneeling? Surrendering to Jesus Christ?]

Add to that the Pope's new prefect to the CDWDS, Cardinal Antonio Canizares, reinstalling Toledo's communion rails and recommending that they be used "because the Holy Father wants it". Not even to mention reconciling thousands of SSPX traditionalists!

As the prophets of old would literally act out their messages instead of just talking, the Pope's kneeler has a terrifying message for the Church's liturgical 'experts':
Repent ! Or dust off your resumes!

K. C.


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  1. It's just too bad in many parishes in Mahonyland USA this hasn't caught on.