Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bishop's ban on Communion on the tongue in force

Some of Kneeling Catholic's sources have it that several people wanting to receive on the tongue(hopefully tomorrow there will be some video of this) were 'corrected' with an unapologetic: "for hygeine reasons the bishop says everyone should take Communion in the hand ".

The ban was not uniformly enforced as at least two 'foreign born' priests still gave Communion on the tongue to those who indicated that desire.

I do have a couple of questions for the 'enforcer' priests and extraordinary eucharistic ministrs:

1."If you are very, very careful, do you really need to touch someone's tongue?"

2. "Since you are forcing many people to do something against their conscience, shouldn't you at least apologize?"

I am soliciting input! If you have knowledge as to how things went on Sunday May 3rd, feel free to email me at or else just post a comment.

K. C.
p.s. see for a an excellent article on this topic.

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  1. There were at least 2 churches I heard Mass that only received only on the tounge. Yahoo!!!