Tuesday, January 30, 2018

There are still Heroes at the Vatican!!

He has the face and demeanor of a Secret Service body guard.
That's good because he is a Body guard.

Watch him in action at 1h32m50s and 1h34m30s!!

Sisters and Brothers, all is not lost with this papacy! Watch this past Christmas Vigil Mass from beginning to end. The music and overall reverent atmosphere are beautiful.  Thanks to MSGR Marini and his 'Body guards', there is no hand Communion, 


There is even kneeling for Communion @ 1h31m00s and a beautiful kneeling for the Creed 'et incarnatus est...' (57m30s)

Do not lose hope!  Cardinal Sarah still reigns at CDW and apparently MSGR Marini is continuing his reverence revolution he began under Pope Benedict. (and the Holy Father will [[I HOPE]] regularize SSPX without them swearing to Vatican II) These things are not nothing!


The Holy Father is letting MSGR Marini continue on his way.  That should tell us something.

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