Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Protestants and Heresy

I recently found this BBC portrayal of St. Dominic debating an Albigensian 'Bishop'.

I love the video, even though it was probably intended to put Dominic in a bad light.
A dear protestant lady I know watched it as well. I thought it might stir her to some Catholic sympathies seeing Dominic passionately defend:

1. Our Lord's Incarnation
2. The God of the Old Testament
3.  Our Lord's Redeeming Sacrifice

against a true modern and scoffing know-it-all.

Naaaaa! She came away sympathizing with the Albigensian!

What gives?!!

Do Protestants dislike Catholicism more than they dislike heresy?


[update: 20 JAN 2018]

I found a great historical Podcast about the Munster Anabaptists!

Prophets of Doom  4 hours long!

What is the connection between two sets of heretics separated by 300 years?  In short: The Incarnation. Somehow, almost all Anabaptists denied that Christ was 'Incarnate of the Virgin Mary', just as had the Albigensians 300 years earlier.
This is remarkable! It could be

a) a coincidence or ...

b) it could be evidence that the Church never completely stamped out an Albigensian underground.

Most histories of the early Anabaptist leaders record that they had strong connections with the Reformers centers in Wittenberg, Zurich and Strasbourg and many of these leaders were originally priests...These two factors make it seem that both movements' denying our Lord's Incarnation could just be a coincidence.

However there are other factors that make you wonder. Such as:

1. The French Protestant Huguenots sprang up in some old Albigensian strongholds..among other places. (granted these were Reformed Protestants, not Anabaptists, NTL the early reformers were in close contact with Anabaptists.  John Calvin married one when he lived in Strasbourg)
2. Some French Protestant Huguenot historians were keen on reclaiming the Albigensians as their Christian forbearers (much like John Foxe and the Magdeburg Centuriators)
3. The Weaver connection.....Both the anabaptist and Albigensian movements seem to have spread among weavers....Queen Elizabeth even resorted to making weavers swear an oath to the Incarnation..perhaps a 'trade secret' of the weaver's guild was the Albigensian heresy?  Crazy!!

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