Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Senator Elizabeth Warren Argues the Economic Benefits of Abortion

In this TIME article, Abortion helps your career, Senator ElizabethWarren ticks off the advantages of abortion over live birth with some of the following gems......

"Immediately after having children, women experience a measurable decline in take-home pay — a decline that continues throughout their lives and on into retirement."

"(for) a student still in high school or working toward her college degree, an unexpected pregnancy can derail her most careful plans for financial independence."

Warren follows up with the following WHOPPER....

"A lot of women are alive today because of Roe." 

[[[This last one is rich!!! what about all those dead baby girls?!!!!
She could have fixed her statement by adding 'NOT'!
"A lot of women are NOT alive day because of Roe!!!!']]]

Senator Warren pays no tribute to, nor does she even ackowledge, even one pro-life arguments...like: 

 -there are two lives to consider, not just one  or....
 -abortion goes against the teachings of all traditional Faiths nor...
 -abortion causes longterm psychological issues
 -abortion targets black people (who are aborted at 3X the rate of white people) nor...
 -had America's 60 million aborted babies lived, then we would be a far richer nation now with no Social Security crisis ....etc

Warren doesn't  bother addressing ANY of her opponents' concerns above, nor does she even mouth President Clinton's 'Safe, Legal and Rare' platitude.

I fear this reflects a soulless attitude on her behalf....one that argues moral questions SOLELY from the standpoint of economics, and then thinks that pretty much covers it

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