Friday, January 5, 2018

Mark Shea bans Kneeling Catholic

You can find the exchange here  Jim Bakker and Trump

Kneeling Catholic  19 hours ago
I don’t understand your ‘guilt by association’ argument. It seems like you are saying:
1. Jim Bakker and other name-it-claim-it preachers back trump
2. Therefore it would be wrong for you to back trump
That’s not a valid argument. Else we would have to condemn the 
Holy Father as well. Name-it-claim-its love Francis. 
He hosted Kenneth Copeland et al and treated them as his spiritual equals. 

[Citation Needed] on Francis and Kenneth Copeland.

Thanks for tuning in!!

Do you know how hard I had to search to find a source that wasn't from 
some prosperity gospel yellow rag journalism?
Pretty far down the line.
Francis did meet with Copeland, but I cannot fault the man for that. 
He may be incomplete disagreement with Copeland's trash theology 
of prosperity, but Francis is enough of a diplomat to at least hear people out.
Trump is mired in their heretical theology of God favoring the rich. 
I don't think there's a comparison.

Friend,I do admire your good sportsmanship. You are a much better loser than me!
>>>Trump is mired in their heretical theology of God favoring the rich.<<<
Nice parting shot! 
and I won't embarrass you any further by asking you to citation me a 
trump-quote to prove that :-)
Me personally, I don't care if Trump is a heretic. 
I don't care if he is Zoroastrian! (Cyrus was). 
I don't care if Charles Manson voted absentee for him.
I support Trump, as a Catholic, simply because:
1. World Peace. He is the only US politician who does not want to 
needlessly antagonize Putin and risk Armageddon. 
He is alone on this. Democrats and Republicans--to include Pence-- 
are all intent on increasing tensions.
 Let us pray the President's cooler head prevails on this. We need World Peace. Visualize it!
2. Prolife. He will get Roe v Wade overturned if he survives
3. Drugs. He wants to stop their importation thru our porous borders.
4. Global Warming. He has already solved it :-)
I think we can both agree to pray for the success of our President and our Holy Father!

Marthe Lépine  kneeling catholic  11 hours ago
"World Peace"?! Your "idol" is certainly making peace 
more likely through his name-calling exchange with that other baboon in North Korea...

Marthe, Sorry to be the bearer of good news :-(
Name it, claim it!
[[this last post was too much for Mr. Shea...and I was banned]]

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