Sunday, February 23, 2014

We are losing !! (response to 23 Feb Papal Liturgy @ St. Peter's Basilica)

Who is 'we'?  people like kc who had hoped that keeping Guido Marini as papal master of ceremonies would hold up against the tide of Communion-any-old-way. Sadly, it seems as if things are moving back towards the pre-Corpus Christi 2008 days. as evidenced by the 23 Feb liturgy ......

1. Communion kneelers are gone altogether  (whereas earlier, Pope Francis did at least make the deacons kneel for Communion).  no-one is required to kneel, and not one person in the entire basilica does!  (perhaps it is too much to ask?)
2. Tons and tons of priests giving out Holy Communion any-old-way.  I am wondering if MSGR. Marini has ceased admonishing Ministers of Holy Communion to only distribute directly on the tongue.  Father MacDonald of Southern Orders verifies that when he was a MHC in Rome a few months back, he was told specifically not give out Communion in the hand. After watching today's Mass, I think MSGR. Marini has simply been worn down and 'frankified'. 

a. how we treat Jesus in the reception of Holy Eucharist is the Apex of our reverence,  and expresses how we really feel about Jesus, as the prophet Bishop Athanasius Schneider holds.  Or  else....

b. reverence towards the Sacrament just does not get to the heart of the Gospel, and is instead one of those external things that are best done as perfunctorily as possible regardless of the message such inattention sends to, and the effect it has on, young people.

If His Holiness can define 'b' ex cathedra  then I will shut down this blog.

I think we all need to be praying for MSGR Marini and all liturgists, especially those close to Pope Francis. If we cannot get this one thing right, then all the red shoes in all the world will not save us.

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