Sunday, February 2, 2014

THE WEEK's Damon Linker punches holes in Rolling Stones' Pope Francis piece

9 ridiculous claims in Rolling Stone’s cover story on Pope Francis
here's a sample:
>>>>>8. "Francis replaced [Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisco] Bertone with Archbishop Pietro Parolin, who has said in an interview that priestly celibacy is not church dogma — meaning, it can be changed."
Archbishop Parolin said that priestly celibacy is not church dogma because it's not church dogma. Period. And yes, it can change, and may — though not with a wave of a papal magic wand.
9. "And what is His Holiness' own position on [gay marriage and abortion]? The pope's artful dodge struck me as brilliantly Clintonian. 'That of the church,' Francis said simply. 'I'm a son of the church.' He didn't add, because he didn't have to, that he's the father now, too."
Apparently the dodge was so artful and "Clintonian" that only the author can detect it. To my eyes, it looks like the pope responded to the question by saying precisely what one would expect him to say: My position on gay marriage and abortion is the Catholic Church's position.<<<<<

Mr. Linker patiently demonstrates that Rolling Stone author Mark Binelli's article betrays simultaneously both a hatred for, and an ignorance of  Catholicism.  It is  Mr. Binelli's wish that Pope Francis is (secretly) just as disdainful of Catholicism as is Mr.  Binelli.


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