Saturday, February 1, 2014

How to get the Catholic News Agency, CNA, to censor your comments!

back on 28January2014 CNA carried the following story

'Come out of your shell' to praise the Lord, Pope encourages'

In the article, the Pope gave the admonishment stating that 'some people' despise charismatic Catholics. As usual, he did not specify who 'some people' are. 
There are, to date, only 7 comments after this article, ntl, this could be a very small percentage of the number of commenters since CNA has blocked out two of my comments.
What follows is two comments, one by a priest then one by a snide commenter--both in RED.  My comment, which failed to get past CNA's
 censor is in BLACK.
Fr. Duffy >>>>Those "formalities" [[he is referring to the Holy Father's disparaging of formalities]] are essential for maintaining decorum at Mass. Any of us who have witnessed some of the bombastic demonstrations at charismatic services can attest to their lack of respect for the presence of Jesus in the Tabernacle.<<<<
RealityCheck>>>You're right. You know better than the Pope.<<
Kneeling Catholic>>>§  Hello RealityC!
Usually, when a man is a priest, it is polite to address him as 'Father', and not the simple 'You'.

 Nevertheless, the Pope is addressing 'judgmentalism'. I would hope no traditionalist despises the poor little people--who have been misled by their spiritual leaders -- who think that our worship can imitate that of other faiths and yet have no ultimate consequences for what WE actually believe. (the counter argument is known as 'lex orandi lex credendi')

 The past 4 decades of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal has witnessed a virtual one-way stream of converts who ultimately decide it is better to be a real pentecostal protestant than a fake one.>>>>

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