Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pope's 19 January Mass @ Sacred Heart Church marred by horrid music and gum-chewing

The choir, given their smirking at one another and their hopping around,  do seem quite pleased with themselves.  Despite the cute music, I don't see even any priests who can sing along.   So how is this music promoting 'full participation'?

1) by driving half of the faithful out of their minds
2) by confusing the congregation so they couldn't sing along even if they wanted to.

Vatican Two's wake seems to have enshrined a new commandment:

'It is OK for the people-that-run-things to offend any number of the faithful with banality and irreverence' . If they are offended by the aforementioned or even by gum-chewing during Mass, then they are Pelagians and should be driven out!

O Holy Father, what would be wrong and who would be offended if you were to DICTATE  and MANDATE this:

....instead of the likes of the distracting Communion music heard at 1hour 10 minutes in the following video (the gum-chewing is also there-abouts)


Your Holiness, you are our boss!  people would listen if you asked them to be reverent.

oh, and btw, there was no absolutely no kneeling for Holy Communion, and Communion was distributed any-old-way.    As I have said numerous times before: 'if banging a tambourine in someone's ears would make him want to kneel for Jesus, then I would be all for it!' 

There's just the problem of ambience.  After a choir, or liturgical director, or priest fosters a casual--even comical--atmosphere, people just aren't in the mood for solemnity. 

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