Friday, January 10, 2014

Mario Palmaro, a prophetic voice, nails it!

Dear sisters and brothers,

"The Church and Her Deafening Silence, is the Problem"

an excerpt regarding the stranglehold the homosexual lobby has on the Church(Google Translate) .....

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> If I discover today that my son is taking drugs , I tell him then maybe he ought to--"Go and read the joint declaration that your mother and I  wrote six years ago when we told you not to take drugs " ? Or I should I not NOW take to him to my breast and try to bring him back to the right path if it is still possible?Where is the Pope ? Where are the bishops ? Deafening silence.Dear Editor in Chief, in this battle , where is the Bishops' Conference , where are the bishops ? Deafening silence<<<<<<

follow this link (I do not have time  right now to research the best translation, so use Google translate from German to English, or else find the Italian original and go from Italian to English --or to your own native tongue)

update....Rorate has a good English version .......

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