Sunday, May 19, 2013

Holy Father's Communion reform undermined by cowardly and inattentive priests!

Watching Holy Communion in today's Pentecost 'Lay Ecclesial Movements' Mass would make one think that Kneeling Catholic is making stuff up!..... i.e. this blog has claimed that Francis is trying to eradicate hand Communion.

(at today's Mass) 'Just look at all the priests handing out our Lord like He is popcorn or something!  AND Look at all the 'lay ecclesial people' strolling up and grabbing the Host and walking away without priests bothering to ensure that they consume the Host! (e.g. 1hour27min28sec)  Will no one wake these people up?!

Ah, but then--praise be to God! At 1hour27min46sec and 1hour28min04sec actually [[three times within a few seconds]], the camera catches people people being denied hand Communion.  The Holy Father's desire becomes evident.  How many times have we seen people refused hand Communion at Francis' Masses? (almost at least once within each papal Mass' broadcast [[3, maybe 4 times in this broadcast  (!!!)--also at 1hour26min15sec ).

...How many times were people corrected-on-camera for irreverent reception of the Eucharist under Pope Benedict? ( once during his entire pontificate).  Benedict's desire for reverence before the Holy Eucharist was well known...but he was reluctant to use any admonishment....remember how Queen Sofia of Spain man-handled the Holy Father?  []   As I pointed out in last week's post.....'there's a new Pope in town'.

Our new Holy Father is 'big' on the 'acts of Charity', two of which are: 'admonish sinners' and 'instruct the ignorant'.  It is not cruel to expect Catholics to 'wake up a little bit' when approaching the Holy Eucharist.  Rather, it is an act of charity!!  I really believe Eucharistic reverence must be the first step for Catholics who seem to have drifted into no-man's-land.  'Body-English' needs to match what we believe in our hearts....or at least what we SHOULD believe.

Am I being too judgmental --attributing 'cowardice and inattention' to priests who no doubt have been instructed to correct hand communicants but continue to do 'whatever'.?   How do I know this 'instruction' exists?  Deduction!  i.e. no priest would dare go against the crowd clamoring for hand Communion, --as we see happening at almost every papal Mass now-- without the Holy Father's backing.  

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