Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pope's May 5th Mass Video Captures Much Less Hand Communion

all in all, there were ((only!)) five caught on film.  Keep in mind, a camera can focusing in on something very rare and overlooking the 'big'.....

I mention this because we no longer are being  allowed --for some reason-- to view the Holy Father distributing Holy Communion  [and it is a safe bet that his custom of making /deacons/priests kneel for Holy Communion on the tongue endures].  The camera instead jumps to priests distributing to the crowd....a process which can trend towards chaos; at least it has in recent history and even under Pope Benedict!!

It would be very helpful if one of the thousands of people with i-phones attending Vatican Masses would either upload their own 'unofficial'  video, and let me know where to find it.... or email it to me @ :-).

Then we might see something the people-that-run-things are trying to hush up!  As it stands, outdoor papal  Masses seem to have much  less Eucharistic discipline than those Pope Francis celebrates inside of churches.  NTL, I still think  the Holy Father, himself, thru MSGR Marini,  is trying to put the 'Kebosh' on Hand Communion.  I have searched the www high and low for pictures of Pope Francis placing the Host into someone's hand.....I can't find even one!  Maybe someone can prove me wrong?
feel free to comment!!!  or maybe make a friendly wager with me about what we will see for the First Communion Mass or the Feast of Corpus Christi??!!!  (I'm betting on reverence and beauty!)  or a wager about when MSGR Marini will be fired???? (I'm predicting he stays AT LEAST two more years and then becomes prefect for CDWDS!)

May 5's Mass continued with plenty of Latin....Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Pater Noster, Agnus Dei...

The only items that both liberals and traditionalists seem to be able to focus on and thus satisfy their foregone conclusion that Francis is a 'progressive' continue to be:
1) lay female foot washing
2) no mozetta
3) no red shoes....

Given that pro-abortion Catholic politicians are feeling his wrath in Argentina and the high-and-mighty have been shut out of Holy Communion photo-ops (Americans as well) , the Holy Thursday dust-up along with items 2 and 3 were a a good trade!!

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