Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Francis Prevents Politicians from Photo-opping the Blessed Sacrament


I've scoured the internet to find pictures from yestedays papal inauguration where politicians have tried to pose with the Blessed Sacrament and hence show their good standing with the Church.  I have come up pretty much empty.   All I can find is a stunning photo of a kneeling princess!
To those grumblers out there who already claiming that Pope Benedict's reign was sooo much better for holy reverence than what we have now, I would have to wonder if they have forgotten............

2011 at the Papal Nuncio's Memorial
or this 
2008 at the Papal Mass

after being scandalized on a regular basis, I think I am way ready for this........

                                                          Yesterday at Francis' Papal Inauguration
 Long live Pope Francis!!!!


  1. The news is, sadly, that self-excommunicated Catholics Nancy Pelosi and Vice-Clown Joe Biden both received the Sacrament.

    That they have called down judgment upon themselves for so doing doesn't seem to faze them a bit. I hope (somehow) that the priest who gave them Communion yesterday did not know who they were, because if he did and then gave them the Eucharist then he, horribly, would be in the same boat they are.

    I shudder to think of who else may have been aware of this at the mass and did nothing to refuse these two public sinners and persecutors of the Church the Sacred Species.

  2. Dear Friend!

    We only have the Vice President's word on this....with all the cameras present surely someone recorded it. I'll keep looking for visual proof. My point is that the Holy Father, with his keeping the high and mighty at arm's length during the Holy Mass, very successfully blocked their showboating.