Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Corpus Christi Cathedral Chrism Mass Features Kneeling Altar Boys

Sisters and Brothers!

Maybe our Holy Father's example is filtering down!

Communion at Corpus Christi Cathedral's Chrism Mass began with 10 altar boys kneeling at our seldom-used altar rail, with their patens under their chins, waiting for the Bishop Michael Mulvey and the parochial vicar to give them Holy Communion.  (no, they did not hop up like Easter bunnies!)

May God have mercy on me for being so critical of the way things have been done in our diocese!  Pope Benedict began this holy kneeling crusade and his Holiness, Pope Francis continues it with his Tridentine  way of making the deacons kneel for Communion and then having them give Communion to kneeling communicants.      I know this is the Tridentine way for a pope....Fr. MacDonald at Southern Orders Blog said so!

This kneeling crusade, by two popes in a row now, reminds me of something one of Pope Francis' fellow Jesuits once said: 

"it is of God; it cannot be withstood"

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