Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bombshell!! Onlly Kneeling Communion at Pope Francis' First Sunday Mass


Shame on everyone who has attacked our new Holy Father even  before they have even seen what he is doing!

I was alerted to this by  Praytell blog  (no friend of kneeling)......

.....@Fr. Allan J. McDonald – comment #10:
Bombshell: The Holy Father distributes the Hosts to the two deacons as they kneel before him and by way of intinction. But the Holy Father and none of the other bishops distribute Holy Communion to the faithful! Two deacons are distributing only the Hosts to the congregation at the center of the church as they kneel to receive.......

 Father D'Souza said a few days ago, watch for any changes that are made.  Well a few change have been assumes this is the Holy Father putting his own stamp on papal some like to say--bottom line up front---Pope Francis has gone from some people kneeling and some standing during Holy Communion [[i.e. right after Pope Benedict would begin distributing to kneeling communicants, then his ministers of Holy Communion would often give out Communion any old way]],  to (with Francis) everyone kneeling with no exceptions.

If this liturgy is our new Pope's 'via media',  then sign me up!

Thank you, Praytell and Fr. McDonald! for the 'hearts up'

Thank you, Holy Father!

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