Tuesday, March 12, 2013

EWTN's Father D'Souza Doesn't See Liturgy as Emphasis in Next Papacy

Check out Father Z and Father D'Souza!

Father D makes his prediction about Liturgy soon to be put on the back-burner around 19 minutes into this video.......Father seems to be pooh-poohing people (around 18m30sec) who want their priests to imitate what they see in Papal liturgies....Father D certainly does seem to take a whack at Benedict XVI for implicitly criticizing his predecessor, Bl. J P II,  by making changes in the papal liturgy.....

my only point here is:  Father D doesn't know what is going to happen with the liturgy, therefore imo his speculation is more likely to be what Father D would like to see happen.  i.e. let's-get-back-to-the-basics, and-btw-worship -is- not- a -basic."

By making such statements, I really wonder how obligated Father D has ever felt to imitate Benedict XVI's  papal liturgies.  This is what frustrates me!  Benedict XVI's liturgical efforts were often undermined by statements like the above--and actions-- by his 'friends'. So many of the Bishops and Cardinals he elevated, no names mentioned right now, have felt no loyalty to their benefactor....just watch some of their dreadful installation Masses EWTN has carried!

I pray that our Cardinals make a wise choice, but I cannot see any of our North American cardinals ever picking a Pope--let alone becoming one-- who will continue Benedict's attempt to restore Catholic worship.
We must pray and hope for a miracle!

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